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Why are flowers getting more expensive?

We're kicking off our first blog by shining a light on a recent BBC news report highlighting the rising cost of flowers. Over the last year, flower prices have surged with producers struggling to keep up and being hit by new costs associated with Brexit.

The UK government announced it was delaying the introduction of more checks and paperwork in order to help businesses importing flowers from the EU. However, it's likely in months to come we'll seen another rise in cost of flowers imported from overseas, ultimately effecting the cost of our bunches to our consumers.

Sadly, this doesn't come as a shock to us, and since the beginning of the year we've seen a significant rise in flower costs. As we try our best to bring you the best produce at affordable prices, we wanted to be transparent to our customers and bring it to your attention that you may see a slight change in price points. We feel it's important to give you some context behind the journey our imported flowers go on and the increase in price associated.

The sad fact is, we can't compete on price with the supermarket giants. It's impossible to compete with loss leader bouquets that are sold at less than cost. When you buy small and purchase from an independent florist, you aren't just paying for the flowers themselves, you're purchasing our time, craftsmanship and bespoke creative flair. This is what sets us apart from supermarket bought bunches.

We will continue to try our very best to provide affordable bunches and buy British where we can in order to do our bit, however please be kind when reaching out for quotations or a 'cheaper deal'. We hope you see the value in our price points and it reflects our carefully sourced produce, skill and hard work.

To find out more watch the report by BBC's Nick Beake here.


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