Pre-order your festive bunches now. Containing a selection of fresh and dried blooms our signature HEF bouquets are perfect to adhorn your house with or an ideal gift to give when visiting loved ones this festive period. Want to make it extra, extra special? Why not add a glass vase for an additional £6?


Wrapped in eco-conscious wrapping, and suitable to dry naturally in the home - these bunches can become an everlasting gift if treated correctly. Refer to more info for further detail. 





Festive Bouquets

  • Flower Care 
    Once you have recieved your bouquet.Remove its packaging and snip the stems on an angle to allow them to re-hydrate themselves after their journey. Be sure to keep the string tied as this is how they've been lovingly arranged. Once you have chosen your vase, fill it with plenty of fresh water to ensure each of your stems is submerged. Place your vase in your chosen spot, however, remember to keep it away from direct sunlight or heat sources. If any of your blooms begin to look a little sad, re-cut their stems, alternatively if they don't perk up remove them from the vase to avoid any cross-contamination with any other blooms. 


    How to dry your bouquet 
    To dry your bouquet, pat dry your stems, strip away any access leaves and hang it upside down with string in a dry, dark place such as an airing cupboard or under the stairs. The moisture will evaropate into the air and dry out your blooms. Leave them for 2 - 3 weeks until completely dry. Your flowers will become brittle so be careful with them when arranging back into your chosen vase, jug or vessel.  Your dried flowers will be muted in colour, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid them becoming bleached.